Why I’m Here…

Hi I’m Hollie! I’m 33, a mother and a soon to be wife. I do makeup and hair, I have my own handmade jewelry company and now I’m a true crime blogger. I’ve been obsessed with everything true crime for many years.. My TV is constantly tuned into the Investigation Discovery channel and I listen to true crime podcasts when I’m not watching ID, every chance I get.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years but I just never really knew what I should write about, I knew it had to be something I’m passionate about though. My kids, Makeup, My handmade jewelry business and true crime are all major passions of mine but there’s SO many makeup and mom blogs and I doubt anyone wants to read about my latest trip to the craft store to find beads.. So true crime it is! I’ve always been fascinated with murder, (not in a twisted way) also some messed up things have happened in my life, so I’ve always wondered why people do some of the things they do to others. The psychology of the killer and the forensics side of missing persons cases or murders are definitely what interests me the most and I absolutely love doing the research it takes to write these blogs.

I really hope by blogging, especially missing persons cases, I can bring more awareness to these cases. If there is a case you are interested in having me write about please email me at: missingandmurderedamerica@yahoo.com

If you liked my blog please drop me a like and share so I know and don’t forget to follow me here and on my social medias for more true crime cases!

Here are some photos of my family and I. The younger two are my daughters, Skylar and Madison, the older two are my step daughters, Layla and Penelope and I have a son Aden. ❤ Also, since I do freelance makeup so I added some of my makeup looks as well. My hair is naturally a dark blonde but I tend to change my hair pretty often from red to brown to blonde.. Right now my hair is brown with blonde highlights. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, feel free to ask… I’m an open book! 😀

Disclaimer* All views and opinions are my own unless expressed otherwise. I’m only human, I may make a mistake, please don’t take what I say as fact and do you’re own research as well. I do my very best to fact check everything through multiple sources before I post but, if there is something I got wrong, misspelled, etc, please let me know in the comments or by email and I will fix it ASAP.

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