Teen Vanishes After Online Blind Date 

Missing: Donna Kay Cloud

Missing: Oct 25th, 2016 From Splendora, Texas. Classification: Endangered Missing. Date of Bith: July 7th, 1997 (19 years old). Height & Weight: 5’0″-5’2″ 133 lbs. Distinguishing Characteristics: White female, brown hair, brown eyes. Ears pierced and nose pierced on the right side. Tattoos: A diamond on her right index finger, the words- “love is enough” on her collarbone, the word- “faith” in cursive on the inside of her forearm and script on her back on the right shoulder blade. She has deep dimples on both cheeks. NAMUS MP# 35946. Case # 16A197231. Clothing/Jewelry Description: A burgundy t-shirt, blue jeans with a hole in the back right side pocket, and white canvas shoes. Carrying a hard phone case that functioned as a wallet. Photos of her tattoos will be posted below.

Donna Kay Cloud, age 19 and mother to 4-year-old Ryan, has been missing since Oct 25th, 2016. ABC13 News stated that according to her family, Donna disappeared following a blind date with a man she met online. *Please note- there are reports that Donna met him on Facebook but her older sister Harley Michelle states that it was a dating website and not Facebook.
Donna’s father Darrell Beaty and her grandmother Donna Brock said Donna claimed she had connected with a man on Facebook through mutual friends and both agreed to go on a date to Texas Roadhouse in Kingwood Texas on Oct 25th. She left her 4-year-old son with his father, she never made it to Texas Roadhouse and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

We had gotten her a phone from Walmart and she was conversing with somebody on the internet and then she told us she was going on a date,” -Darrell Beaty.

She left Lakeshore Drive, Splendora Texas, to go on a blind date with a man she met online to Texas Roadhouse in Kingwood Texas. There is no evidence that she ever made it to the Texas Roadhouse but her family did hear from her the next day. She gave no clue to her location other than she was leaving with someone from the Liberty Texas area.

Darrell told Eyewitness News that Donna texted him on the 26th. Eyewitness News said they read the text. It read:

“I will see you in the morning, the date went great, he’s super nice, I’ll text you if I need anything.”

During their last conversation she said she was staying another night with the date and was going to watch movies from RedBox or going to the mall to see a movie.

“She said she’d be over on the 27th between 11-11:30 for us to meet the guy.”

Donna Brock told ABC13. It is unknown when Donna Brock, Donna’s grandmother received that message.

Her family tried to reach her the next day (the 27th) and her phone went straight to voicemail. They have not heard from her since the 26th of Oct, 2016.

“Well that was the last communication we had with her. I know someone out there knows where she is. I mean, people do not vanish.” – Donna Brock

NewsFix has stated that there is no positive confirmation that she met anyone at the Texas Roadhouse. Her phone could not be traced and she has no credit cards. Darrell Beaty told CHRON News that the surveillance video does not show Donna at the Restaurant.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office told ABC13 that Donna Kay Cloud is considered a missing person. Investigators said she and her family had some type of disagreement prior to get disappearance. They said they are concerned about the case and multiple detectives are assigned to it.

Detectives said there’s no evidence at this time to suggest foul play or to support the notion that Donna met up with someone from the Internet for a blind date.

At one point Darrell was told on social media that Donna had been found and she was with a man from Cleveland, driving a red, four-door-car. Darrell posted a message that was shared all over social media, expressing his frustration with his daughter for running off. He posted:

“She put everyone who loves her through hell without any regards to how we felt and the information we had led us to think something bad happened to her.”

It turned out that whether it was a mistake or done on purpose, the sighting could not be verified and Donna remained missing. It was the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that told Darrell the information was not substantiated.

It was Darrell’s posts and the fact that the family’s stories were inconsistent that seemed to turn a lot of people on social media against Darrell. He set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to find Donna but there were rumors on social media that he might use the money for his own personal use. For example, to fix his car.

A private investigator out of Houston hasn’t helped Darrell’s reputation, as he told CHRON News that “the family had inconsistent stories”… And his concern that her disappearance is being used for financial gain. He also states that there was a “heated argument” via text message between Donna and her father Darrell. He believes that it may have caused her disappearance and he also believes Donna is alive.

Darrell fought back by putting a message on the Montgomery County Police Repoeter. He posted:

“Hello, my name is Darrell Beaty, I am the father of 19 year old Donna Kay Cloud of Splendora, Texas. Donna Cloud is a missing person and has not been seen by loved ones since October 25, 2016. Donna has not been heard from or seen in more than 26 days.

Despite many rumors that she was located and safe, Donna is still very much missing. I am extremely concerned about her safety, and well being.

We are pleading with the public, Local Law Enforcement, and media outlets to help aide us in finding her. We ask anyone with information to please come forward, and contact Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Somewhere someone has the missing pieces of information to find her. Anyone who has seen or spoke to Donna around Oct 26th we are pleading with you to come forward no matter how small the information it could be the link we need.

This has been a parent’s worst nightmare, and we are living it daily. We have been on such a emotional roller coaster, that began on the first day and continues on a daily basis. There is a unbearable amount of pain, worry and anguish that comes with something like this, and it stays with you every moment of everyday. The worst part, is not knowing if your child is safe or not.

Additionally, I was cruelly slandered, and criticized by cyber bullie’s on social media for these cry’s for help. It is no secret, that my vehicle was in need of repairs at the time Donna went missing. I also being the sole provider for my family had to take many days off of work to search for her as well as track her last known movements. Therefore a Gofundme account was put in place asking for help. Rumors and slander became so numerous that Gofundme was contacted and as a result there was a hold placed on all funds while a fraud investigation was conducted. I have since been cleared of any wrong doing, and all funds have since been released back into the account. However, due to the accusations and cruel rumors, I decided not to used one dime of the $390.00 that was raised.. I never desired to profit from Donna’s disappearance , and I would give all my worldly possession’s just to have her home safe. I only want to find my daughter and am desperate for help.

Because of the unfolding events associated with GoFundMe, and the misleading information we received about Donna being found safe, all the help we had pulled out. Additionally my name was drug through the mud and our credibility was severely damaged. I never could have dreamed someone we trusted would base their findings on mere assumption’s that she was located safe. For several days we believed Donna was safe and were waiting patiently to see her. Personally it took me over 4 hours to believe this was the truth before I posted about it on Face Book. On the following Monday we heard from the Sheriff ‘s Office that all the info we were given about her being safe were cruel assumptions and simply was not a true fact. None of the information given to us was verified by anyone in any way shape or form. We were then left single handedly searching for our daughter as well as trying to correct all the damage that had been done.

I can only pray that the critical time period for finding Donna has not lapsed already, and I wanted everyone to know the truth in its entirety. We were simply mislead and this is were most of the public confusion came into play. We were judged and we were slandered and as a parent we had not been in these circumstance before. We did not know where to turn or what to do. There is not a manual that one can turn to for step by step guidance to locate a missing loved one. We excepted help from areas we felt were trustworthy but later came to regret this decision.

I pray that we as a community can set aside personal opinion and difference and unite together as one in effort to bring my daughter home. We are asking for volunteer help with her search and recovery efforts, anyone interested in getting more information can reach us at Searching4donnakay@gmail.com

Once again we are pleading with the public that anyone with any information please contact Montgomery county sheriff’s office at (936) 760-5800 or Detective Stephen Mullis at (936) 760-5811. There is also a tip line set up through “bring our missing home” at (810) 294-4858 We feel confident someone out there knows something, no matter how little we plead with you to come forward.”

Missingpersonsofamerica.com talked to Darrell and he stated that during the time he was looking for Donna full time, he found out the police have not followed up on any leads and it took them three months to speak to Donna’s abusive ex boyfriend.

“She left with someone, took no ID, no money, no credit cards, no clothes, only what she wore.” – Darrell

Darrell stated to missingpersonsofamerica:

“Originally we thought she had her wallet but I found it in the back seat of my car a few weeks after she disappeared.”

According to Darrell, During his search for Donna he compiled four binders of leads and information on subjects. Which he offered to the police but they would not take what he found seriously and would not follow up on any of it. Apparently what worries Darrell the most is that there were people that threatened her the day she vanished and days prior to that. Those people have never been questioned.

Since Donna was not driving her own car, we nothing but her last ping in the Westchase area to zero down where she might be.

Missingpersonsofamerica states that after Donna Kay Cloud went missing for 6 months she was added to the list “The Missing Texas Forty List” as number 56.

My Thoughts/Theory: As I was sitting in Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner (yes I sat on the saddle as they sang happy birthday to me. At least I got ice cream out of it. Lol) I couldn’t stop thinking about Donna. Did she run off? Did the man she met online do something to her? Why are the family’s stories inconsistent? Do I think the family is involved in her disappearance? I do think its weird her father found her wallet in his car weeks later but, no.. And as odd as her father has acted on social media at times, I just think the family is grieving and didn’t know how to handle it at times. Do I think she ran off? No.. She has a young son at home waiting for her and as a mother I know that no argument in the world would cause me to leave my kids. I definitely don’t think an argument with her father is a justifiable reason for running away and leaving her son behind with his father. Do I think the man she met online did something to her? I don’t know but it seems likely that something happened to her on that date but at the same time there’s no evidence that she even went on a date besides that text. I wish I knew more.. Like the name of the man she met online.

This is a huge lesson for anyone who’s meeting people from the Internet. People aren’t always who they say they are. My advice is to NEVER go on a blind date alone, especially with someone you met online. Take a friend, make it a double date and definitely tell your friends and/or family who you are going with and where you are going. I know with the digital technology we have nowadays SO many people are on dating sites, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc and I’m just begging you all to be safe, tell people who you are with and where you are going, and if you can bring mace.

I messeged the family, asking if they have any comments. They said they would get back to me soon but I waited an extra week to post this just incase they answer and I still haven’t heard back. If they do or if there are any updates to this case I will update and edit this blog post.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office @ 936-760-5800 or the Bring Our Missing Home Tip Line @ 810-2944858. Any little thing might be something so please don’t hesitate to call. There is a Twitter page: @bringdonnahome and a Facebook page: @searchfordonnacloud both are being used to spread awareness about this case.

Donna’s tattoos:

I really hope by blogging, I can bring more awareness to these cases. If there’s a case you are interested in having me write about please email me at: holliegjoen@outlook.com

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Source Information:

Charleyproject.org, ABC13 Houston, missingpersonsofamerica.com, CHRON.com, websluths.com, click2houston.com, NewsFix, NAMUS/ findthemissing.org,

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